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Aquatic Adventures & Jet Snorkel Rentals in Puerto Rico & Hawaii!

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Discover the ultimate thrill of jet snorkeling

Jet Snorkel is a premier provider of thrilling aquatic adventures, specializing in snorkel tours and jet snorkeling. With location in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we offer unparalleled opportunities to explore the mesmerizing underwater world of this tropical paradise.

Our expert guides ensure a safe and unforgettable experience as we take you on immersive journeys through underwater sanctuaries, where you’ll have the chance to swim alongside an array of marine life, including majestic sea turtles. Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of snorkeling or the exhilaration of jet snorkeling, Jet Snorkel is dedicated to providing exceptional adventures that connect you with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s aquatic playgrounds.

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🤿 What are People Saying about Jet Snorkel? 🤿

Jet Snorkel
Best trip ever!!!

This was my first time going jet snorkeling and it was amazing!!! You get to tour a Bay Area at your leisure, there are fish sea turtles and other amazing wild life. The staff are great and very accommodating. Overall a 5 star experience!!!

– Mendel L - Tripadvisor
Jet Snorkel
Beautiful underwater sightseeing

The views while in tge water were amazing. The instructors were very nice and informative. Overall the experience was a 10/10.

– shmuly baron - Tripadvisor
Jet Snorkel
Worth it

Great time, worth it great guides and playing with the jets for free time was the best! I saw lots of turtles and fish.

– Brian Z - TripAdvisor
Jet Snorkel
Amazing snorkel experience; turtles too!

Very friendly staff, caring, here for the environment, and great details of things you are seeing around you! Exceptional tour and great fun for all!

– Xavier W - Tripadvisor
Jet Snorkel
Swimming with the fish

Watching the turtles up close! Cool fish… it’s an experience you’d have to try!!! Nice ship wreck…..

– Andre L - Tripadvisor